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From the surreal Hollywood life working for Academy Award Winner Nicolas Cage to struggling actress to dealing with family illness, death and love, this stage production is an uplifting story of one woman’s courageous romp through life’s heartaches, headaches and hysterics.  “Why Not Me. Love, Cancer and Jack White,” is an original one- woman show performed by Chicago writer/actress Jen Bosworth and directed by Chicago writer and performer, Alyson Lyon.

 The show chronicles Bosworth’s move to L.A. in 2000 to seek stardom after successful stints on ER, Early Edition and a starring role in one of Chicago’s famed Steppenwolf Theater productions.  However, agent after agent told her she was too fat to be cast in any meaningful roles and she ended up as a Hollywood office manager, where she lived in a dump at night and, ironically, picked pricey furniture for million-dollar mansions by day. So kinda glamorous but kinda not.

Mid-way through the decade Bosworth gives up on Hollywood and heads home to help care for her ill father. Within two years her husband and her mother would diagnosed with cancer…and Jack White begins invading her nightly dreams to help her escape from her new reality.   Bosworth says, “I know, it’s a lot.  But life is a lot.  A lot of bad but really, so much good as well.  It’s the struggle to balance both that connects all of us and connects the audience to the show.”

 When her mother was first diagnosed with cancer Bosworth used to ask, “Why us?” But soon, as she and her family wound their way down the road of illness and grief she began to ask another question, “Why not us?”   I realized that I am not so special. Life throws hardships at all of us. “Why Not Me” is a statement.  A statement about living our dreams. About turning seemingly insurmountable trials into gold. Perhaps banged up and battered gold, but gold nonetheless.


Praise for Jen and “Why Not Me.”