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An Evanston, Illinois native, Bosworth is an alumnus of The Theatre School at DePaul University. Her numerous acting credits include the popular 90’s television series ER and Early Edition and a starring role in a Steppenwolf Theatre Company production of The House on Mango Street.

Her first one-woman show – “I’m Not Trying to Get an Agent, This is My School Project” – debuted in L.A. in 2004 and was also staged in Chicago. A mainstay of Chicago’s “Live-Lit” scene, Bosworth is a founding member of The Chicago Story Collective and can be seen regularly all over town telling her honest and hilarious tales.

Bosworth holds two Master’s degrees in psychology – Spiritual Psychology and Counseling Psychology from The University of Santa Monica.  She has worked as a drug counselor at Lutheran Social Services in Chicago, Illinois.

Based on Bosworth’s real-life experiences, the wry, energetic, comedic performance reveals the humorous gaffes and tribulations of her days as an actress living in Los Angeles and her return to Chicago as sickness and cancer engulf her family, while, at the same time, popular singer Jack White invades her nightly dreams as an escape from reality.

“’Why Not Me’ is a statement, not a question,” said Bosworth. “I learned the hard way that life is tough…so live it bravely and go for it; that’s the essence of ‘Why Not Me.